UX & product design, logo, sales website design & build

September 2015 – February 2017

CareWrapper was a personal project undertaken by my wife and I, a dedicated mobile and desktop app to assist in the management of care homes and the delivery of care to residents. My wife has family who work in the care home industry, and we noticed a lack of intuitive software in this particular market, with all the current software being very outdated or difficult to use. In our spare time we worked on a business plan, doing in depth research into the industry, competitors, and attending relevant industry events.

I worked on the design of the software, completing wireframes and finished designs for both the desktop and mobile versions of the platform. We brought the finished designs into an interactive wireframe using MarvelApp, so that we could demo the software to potential investors and customers.

Our plan was to secure funding so that we could hire a development team to work on the build of the software and subsequent maintenance under our management. Unfortunately we found it difficult to find investment for the platform, given the lack of funding in the UK care home industry. The product is currently shelved.

Below is the sales website I also designed & built, as well as some animations created in After Effects.

Website Animations